I hate myself and I want to die

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I hate myself and I want to die


No no,it’s not me..I love myself, my family, my fiance (=D) and my life….and my blog…I always going to love whatever I should love and never crossed in my mind that I’m going to do this keji thing…Haha.

Erm…..take a look at the poll on the right side of the page,”How should Rueben kill himself?” and 64% goes to blow his brains out in a hotel room in front of four seventeen years old prostitutes..I dont know whether I should laugh or have a sympathy for this guy bcoz I do’t know whether this is a joke or really a serious problem. But his story and all the comments do look really serious..seems that he thinks that his world has come to the end and there’s no more tomorrow for him..

I wonder if this guy is still alive out there or already OFF himself since the post was made on 29 August 2002.

I believe this is another story of a person who has lack of faith in God…

Please guys, don’t ever thinking of doing something like this..I still love you all..and if I hate you,for sure I’ll go kill you by myself,with my own hand..haha..Just kidding..

Oh ya, speaking about end of the world there’s one new movie called ’30 Days of Night’ thats going to be in local cinema soon..the soundtrack is from one of my favourite band,omigod it’s Apocalypse from Muse!! Haha..

Enjoy it…while your world is not coming to the end yet!! of course this is only for entertainment, please don’t forget to do what we have to do as a Muslim pulak..zakat dah bayar belum bang?..hehe =D

Apocalypse – Muse



4 Responses to “I hate myself and I want to die”

  1. muse mmg best pun. šŸ™‚

  2. a’a…bile la agaknye derang nak datang sini lagi..gile best!

  3. I love u too hakhak ^_^

  4. Lanun : :blushing::blushing: shh,kaver2 sket..hehe.

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