My Idiot Review – Resident Evil 3 : Extinction

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Since I already watch this movie last weekend, I think it would be better if I share my own personal amateur review with you guys.. and since this is my own personal review, so I don’t care whether you guys going to like it or not. If you already watch this movie and find out that my review completely against your own opinion/experience, please voice it out..

Resident Evil 3 : Extinction

This is 3rd movie in the RE series and sequel to the 2004 film, Resident Evil : Apocalypse.

To be frank with you guys, this movie is quite good compared to the previous 2 where this one quite fast paced and the actions just keeps rolling in. Its also introduce you to the Tyrant, a fictional creature from the RE series that takes form as a biologically engineered super soldier.

This is a good movie to watch and its really worth your money and time. With Mila Jovovich and Ali Carter starring as heroin in this movie, you will stay awake all the time,not even blink ur eyes throughout the show.. I guaranteed that.

Ok,that’s it. I don’t want to write any spoiler. Please continue with my statistics below.

My Dummy Stats for Movie

Action : 8/10

Comedy/Sense of humor : 5/10

Entertainment : 8/10

Satisfaction : 7/10

One more time?? : 7/10

Worth your money : 8/10

Makes you wondering/suspense : 7/10

Makes you forgot/ignore ur snack/drink : 7/10

Makes you wanna slap your friend who invite you to watch this movie : 1/10

Happy watching!! ^_^


5 Responses to “My Idiot Review – Resident Evil 3 : Extinction”

  1. Gi tgk wayang senyap2 tak ajak pun… 😦 Pegi ngan jije…. 😦

  2. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  3. i think that ur review was just fine, I haven’t watched 3 yet but i’m looking for a place to buy it so I can buy it soon! o_o

  4. I watched it! it was awesome! I hate how the guy died though.

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