My Idiot Review – The Seeker

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The title sounds great, ‘The Seeker : The Dark is Rising’…but for me,this movie is totally a waste of time. I think this kind of movie is only suitable for kids and should be rated U – 12,which means – universal/umum but suitable for 12 years old and below.

My friend ask me out to watch this movie last wikend as he said that the trailer is very attractive and interesting. The trailer really did a good job*sigh*. I declined a few times but after being persuade again and again finally,I decided to just give it a try. Yes,I’m very choosy about what kind of movie I’m going to watch. Enuf on being conned by a movie like ‘Bridge to Terabhitia’. Demmm…

So….this movie starts well with what looks like an interesting-promising movie but when the show enter its 15th minutes(and we start looking at our watch again and again), we already feel that we had made a wrong choice..its not too hard to tell if the movie is getting boring..and its really makes us sick and tired just to wait for the final minute…..uhhhhhhh,we being conned…again!!! argh!

But since I love kids and to show some loves/respect for the kids(they have great future lies ahead) that starring in this movie, I link to you the wikipedia’s review about this movie. Click below.

The Seeker


So, my statistics for this movie goes,

My Dummy Stats for Movies

Action : 4/10

Comedy/Sense of humor : 2/10

Entertainment : 2/10

Satisfaction : 1/0

One more time?? : 1/10

Worth your money : 1/10

Makes you wondering/suspense : 0.5 /10

Makes you forget/ignore you snack/drink : 1/10

Makes you wanna slap your friend who invite you to this movie : 11/10!!!

Makes you depressed, cursing and regret wasting your time : 11/10!!!

That’s it..Happy suffering!! ^_^

pssssst Change to this layout after I saw KNizam’s blog. Credit to him. Thx.


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